Special Holiday Discounts on Online & Classroom-based TDS Certification Workshops! Take advantage by December 31

Looking to transform the effectiveness of your teams in 2018?  Let the Team Diagnostic Survey help you create the essential conditions for designing, launching and coaching great teams!

Special Holiday Discounts on Certification Programs

Take advantage of special holiday discounts and register today for our online certification program or one of our 2018 classroom-based workshops. 
Register at: https://www.6teamconditions.com/certification/

Level 1 – Foundational Practitioner Certification

Self-Directed Online Program

$1,097 USD
Holiday Discount! $997
(purchase by 12/31/17)
Coupon code: holiday

Focus: Get started using the TDS quickly! Understand the 6 Conditions framework, how to administer the TDS assessment online, and how to interpret TDS reports.

Included in the Level 1 Course:

  • 6 Video-Based Learning Modules
  • 1 Starter TDS Assessment
  • TDS Account for Administering Surveys**
  • Group Supervision/Coaching Calls
  • Members-only LinkedIn Group
  • Learning Platform: https://team-diagnostics-learning-lab.teachable.com
  • Upgrade to Level 2 Advanced Practitioner Workshop***

Level 2 – Advanced Practitioner Certification

Self-Directed Online Program + 2 Day Classroom Training

$2,500 USD
Holiday Discount! $2,250*
(purchase by 12/31/17)
Coupon code: holiday

Focus: Get hands-on practice working with TDS reports and developing your repertoire of team interventions focusing on the 6 conditions.

Included in the Level 2 Course:

  • All Level 1 Foundational Practitioner Certification Components
  • 2-Day Hands-on Training Workshop:
  • Practice simulations for debriefing team leaders and teams on TDS reports
  • Hands-on demonstrations and practice for intervening in teams to build the 6 Conditions
  • Level 1 Upgrade Discount***

Additional Information:

  • *Prices may vary slightly depending on currency and country
  • **Pricing rate: $545 per Team Report for Certified Practitioners. Volume Discounts
  • ***Only pay the difference in price between the online vs. classroom-base course when you upgrade to the Level 2 program (based on seat availability)

About the Team Diagnostic Survey
The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) based on the 6 Conditions framework is a deeply researched and well-validated team effectiveness assessment. The TDS is a proprietary instrument developed by Harvard scholars and practitioners—Richard Hackman, Ruth Wageman and Erin Lehman. Their research identified 6 conditions that together predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness. This instrument and its underlying framework enables teams, team leaders and team facilitators to effectively design, launch and coach great teams.

The 6 Conditions Framework
The TDS Framework identifies 6 Conditions (3 Essential – Real Team, Compelling Purpose, and Right People and 3 Enabling – Sound Structure, Supportive Context, Team Coaching) that dramatically increase the chances of a team becoming high performing. The model also identifies 3 Key Task Processes (Effort, Strategy, Knowledge/Skill) through which the 6 Conditions influence 3 Team Effectiveness Outcomes (Task Performance, Quality of Group Process and Member Satisfaction).

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