6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness and the Team Diagnostic Survey: The Science and Art of Coaching Teams.

Foundational Certification

This program has two key components:

(1)   Our online video-based and self-paced course provides the basic knowledge required to incorporate the 6 Conditions and Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) into your practice or organization. The Foundational Certification teaches the 6 Conditions Framework, how the TDS measures the 6 conditions, how to interpret TDS reports and how to incorporate a TDS diagnosis into your work with teams. Direct enrollment in the online course ordinarily costs $1097, so this is an excellent value for participants in this program.

(2)   In addition, Drs. Ruth Wageman and Krister Lowe will lead three live webinar sessions designed to help you bring the 6 Conditions and TDS to your practice or enterprise.  The faculty will lead demonstrations and practice in explaining the 6 Conditions framework, debriefing team leaders and whole teams in the interpretation of the team diagnostic survey, and lead a dialogue and practical tips about building a team coaching practice.

For further information and booking details https://team-diagnostics-learning-lab.teachable.com/p/ceogc6tc