Advanced Practitioner Certification Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

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This two-day in-person workshop hones your practice intervening in teams.  Learn from expert practitioners how to build the 6 Conditions framework and Team Diagnostic Survey into your overall team coaching plan.  Practice debriefing with a team leader and an intact team.  Experience and then practice team interventions aimed at getting the 6 Conditions in place, from exploring how to be a Real Team, through sharpening a Compelling Purpose, building a Sound structure—including norms that work, and crafting an ongoing Team Coaching plan. The Advanced Practitioner Certification course puts you in the role of team coach or consultant in real time.  The course supports participants in developing excellent timing, powerful sequencing, and reliably high-leverage team interventions. Enrolling in the Advanced Practitioner Certification includes lifetime access to the online Foundational Practitioner Certification course.

  • 2-Day Hands-on Training Workshop + All Level 1 Foundational Practitioner Certification Components:
  • 6 Video-Based Learning Modules (50+ videos)!
  • 1 Starter TDS Assessment
  • TDS Account for Administering Surveys*!
  • Quarterly Group Supervision/Coaching Calls!
  • Members-only LinkedIn Group!
  • Level 1 Upgrade Discount**
  • *Note: Pricing rate: $545 per Team Report for Certified Practitioners + Volume Discounts
  • **Note: Only pay the difference in price between the online vs. classroom-base course +$200 when you upgrade from a Level 1 program (based on seat availability)

Program Overview

Prework – Prior to the two-day workshop, you will have access to online video-based training modules to begin your learning about the TDS framework. The self-directed study modules are designed to prepare your to fully maximize your two-day course experience. The modules also serve as a resource center for supporting your ongoing learning and application of the TDS following the program.

Day One – On the first day of the workshop, Ruth Wageman & David Matthew Prior will introduce you to the origins of the TDS framework and survey. Through interactive exercises and case examples you will internalize 6 conditions, 3 key task process and 3 team effectiveness outcomes that comprise the model. You will also examine case examples of the TDS interventions based on real-world teams.

Day Two – On the second day of the workshop, you will get hands on practice diagnosing and coaching teams using the TDS through simulation. You will learn specific techniques for feeding back survey data to team leaders and teams; you will explore teambuilding designs and activities for launching and re-launching teams; you will understand key principles and practices for coaching teams using the TDS on an ongoing basis. You will also learn about the latest trends in teaming and how the TDS supports your continued success as a team consultant, coach and/or facilitator.

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