Team Agility for 6 Team Conditions Practitioners Certification


You’ve been asking how to add agile work practices to your repertoire¬†and we’ve listened! Experts in Agile and the 6 Conditions Framework, Gabe Abella and Adam Hsu, will teach you how to embed agile ways of working into your work with teams. Through this course you’ll build the knowledge and comfort necessary to educate and teach your clients how they can benefit from agile work practices within the context of your work with them. *Prerequisite: Advanced Practitioner Certification (Level 2)

You’ll walk away with:

  • The ability to lead a team through agile work practices both in person and virtually
  • An understanding of the relationship with the 6 Conditions Framework


  • Define specific outcomes that align with your clients desire/need to be ‘agile’
  • Explain to others core concepts of agile
  • Introduce a Kanban visualization practices to a team (portfolio, task, workflow)
  • Introduce techniques for designing an agile work system (Cadences, Ready, Done, Retrospective)

2 Certifications:

  • 6 Team Conditions Agile Practitioner Certification
  • Kanban University Certification



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