Virtual Level1+

This program includes all of the components of the Level 1 Foundational Practitioner Certification program but also includes three live 90 minute webinar sessions.  The webinar sessions help participants build some essential skills in introducing and debriefing the 6 Conditions and Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) reports with team leaders and teams.  The course consists of instructor demonstrations followed by role play practice. Participants will practice: 1) introducing/teaching the 6 Conditions framework; 2) walking a team leader through a detailed review of a TDS report; and 3) facilitating a range of dynamic techniques for debriefing a team on a TDS report.  The Level 1+ program is offered 2x per year.  Participants can upgrade ($300) to Level 1+ if they have already completed the Level 1 program previously or sign up for Level 1+ directly and begin completing the Level 1 online materials which need to be completed prior to the live webinar sessions.

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