6 Team Conditions Scholarships

At 6 Team Conditions, we are inspired by and stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.  We want to expand the diversity of professionals who work to foster brilliant collaborations within teams, and especially to welcome more African Americans into the field. As such, 6 Team Conditions is pleased to offer scholarships to minority students up to 35 years of age: come join our certification courses free of charge.  We welcome you to join our team development community.

Scholarship students will be certified in the use of the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) through the Foundational Self-Guided Certification, and are also invited to attend the Advanced Practitioner Certification.  The Advanced Practitioner Certification is offered throughout the year; scholarship students can enroll in any one of our scheduled workshops.  These Advanced Practitioner workshops focus on the science and art of developing great teams, using the 6 Conditions Framework.  We convene a community of talented practitioners and look forward to welcoming you to that community.  Scholarship recipients will be well-versed in the 6 Team Conditions framework and be able to use the Team Diagnostic Survey with their team or in their practice working with teams.

Please email juliane@6teamconditions.com with any questions.

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