Join 6 Team Conditions and Team Diagnostic Survey creator Dr. Ruth Wageman along with the 2020 Program Faculty Members Dr. Krister Lowe, Juliane Corman, Harvey Floyd II, David Matthew Prior, JD Lanigan, Carissa Bub, Linh Tran, Melissa Sayer and Krish Iyer on Thursday January 9 at 12:00 p.m. US Eastern Time for this introductory webinar on The 6 Team Conditions, the Team Diagnostic Survey and upcoming 2020 Certification Workshops!
Themes to be explored in this session include:
  • Understanding the Key Drivers of Team Effectiveness
  • Measuring Team Effectiveness using the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS)
  • Differentiating Structural Coaching & Emergent Process Coaching
  • Case Examples Coaching Teams using the 6 Team Conditions and TDS
  • Upcoming Workshops in New York (Feb 20-21), Melbourne (Mar 11-12), Sydney (Mar 16-17), Chicago (May 11-12), Washington (May 14-15), London (May 14-15), Dublin (May 18-19), San Francisco (Jun 11-12), Philadelphia (Oct 1-2), New York (Oct 12-13), Singapore (Nov 5-6)