Check out the 6 Conditions Podcast where Ruth Wageman and Krister Lowe explore great teams and how they are developed.

Episode #002: The 6 Conditions Framework

Episode #003: 60-30-10 Rule – Designing, Launching & Coaching Teams

Episode #004: The 3 Essential Conditions: Building a Solid Foundation

Episode #005: 3 Enabling Conditions – Accelerating a Team’s Development Into a Brilliant Collaboration

Episode #006: The 3 Criteria of Team Effectiveness

Episode #007: The 3 Key Task Processes

Episode #008: The Team Diagnostic Survey: Does your team measure up?

Episode #009: Launching and Relaunching Teams

Episode #010: Ongoing Team Coaching: Punctuated Equilibrium and Structural Vs. Emergent Process Coaching

Episode #011: Leadership & Authority Structures In Teams: Where Does Great Team Leadership Come From?

Episode #012: Special Guest Dr. David Tate Applying the 6 Conditions & Team Diagnostic Survey in Private Equity