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Our scientifically validated diagnostic surveys give you rapid insights into how you can take your team to the next level. Choose the tool that suits your team:

  • The Team Diagnostic Survey measures your team against the 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness
  • Take a Pulse Check after the Team Diagnostic Survey to measure how your team improves
  • Use the Team Diagnostic Survey for Startups to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey
  • Help your team leaders take it to the next level with the Team Leader Diagnostic


Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies


Available in 10+ languages


Applied to more than 3000 teams globally

Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS)

Our Team Diagnostic Survey is proven to predict up to 80% of team effectiveness. When you choose the TDS, you'll receive an actionable report on your team's standing on the 6 Team Conditions so you can start improving your team's performance.  

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Team Diagnostic Survey improvement scores in an IT leadership team over 9 months

Time 1:
Baseline TDS scores for an IT leadership team.  Team Coaching with the Team Diagnostic Survey was deployed to support the new Chief Information Officer and to help the leadership team move from a group of individual leaders to a truly collective decision-making team.

Time 2:
Follow-up TDS scores using the TDS Pulse Check after 9 months of team coaching with the leadership team. Team performance improved by 50%.  Highly significant improvement was reported in almost all dimensions of the 6 Conditions team effectiveness model. The CIO has since been promoted to the Chief Operating Officer role of the organization. 

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The TDS is based on the 6 Team Conditions Framework, the best-validated model for predicting team performance based on decades of research.


Tangible insights

You'll receive a comprehensive report on your team's current strengths and identify areas for improvement so you can accelerate their performance.


Real-world results

The TDS has been used to successfully improve
over 3,000 teams across the globe.

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Team Diagnostic Survey wholesale pricing for Certified TDS Practitioners starts at $545 USD per team

  • Volume discounts available for enterprise customers

  • Custom dashboards and pricing for multi-team TDS reporting available

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Pulse Check

Want to know whether your team’s performance is improving over time?  The TDS Pulse Check takes just two minutes to complete, providing you with a rapid snapshot of your team’s progress on the 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness. 

TDS Pulse Surveys for repeated measures start at $125 USD per team.

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Sustained success

Once you have relaunched your team following the TDS, Pulse Checks enable you to monitor and sustain their high performance.


Rapid results

Pulse Checks take just two minutes for each team member to complete, so you can quickly review your team's current standing.


Identify changes

Our Pulse Check survey generates a basic TDS report, so you can see any positive or negative changes in your team's performance going forward.

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Team Diagnostic for Startups

The 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness are slightly different for startup teams, so our Team Diagnostic for Startups is tailored to these unique conditions.

To find out more, visit our dedicated TDFS site.

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Team Leader Diagnostic

Based on the scientifically proven Team Diagnostic Survey™, the Team Diagnostic for Leaders provides your leaders with practical takeaways they can use to improve any team's effectiveness.

To find out more, see our Team Leader Development service.

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Client stories

The 6 Team Conditions framework and Team Diagnostic Survey serve as the foundation for my team coaching practice. I strongly recommend it for any coach that is serious about bringing to their practice practical tools that get teams moving on a positive trajectory quickly.

Gabe Abella
Organizational Coach, JP Morgan Chase

6 Conditions and the TDS are important content on The Smurfit UCD Team Coaching Diploma. We aim to provide experience and insight into working with a range of models and approaches. The origins of the TDS as a robust academic framework makes it an important element of our programme, for our team coaching practitioners.

Barry O’Sullivan
Co Director of Team Coaching Diploma, Smurfit, University College Dublin
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