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Our Senior Leadership Team Development service will develop your senior leadership team to serve your enterprise, respond to global challenges, and attract and retain the best talent. You will receive:

A detailed assessment of your top team’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities
Insights from key stakeholders on how the team is perceived
Expert analysis of the key issues that the top team must address
Expert coaching to implement the 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness
Disciplined measurement of your top team’s progress and achievements
Tailored support for the team leader
  • A detailed assessment of your senior leadership team's strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • Insights from key stakeholders on how the team is perceived
  • Expert analysis of the key issues that the senior leadership team must address
  • Expert coaching to implement the 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness
  • Disciplined measurement of your senior leadership team’s progress and achievements
  • Tailored support for the team leader


...of senior leadership teams are not effective at learning.


...of senior leadership teams get worse over time (without ongoing team leadership coaching)


Only 10% of teams are clear about their team purpose

Senior Leadership Team performance measurement

Our globally-respected Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) is the gold standard for measuring team effectiveness, so you're guaranteed to gain insight into where your team is performing well and where they can be improved.

With our ongoing Pulse Checks, you can accurately measure their increased performance over time and ensure sustained success.

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Enterprise expertise

We have extensive global enterprise experience across all industries, and we know senior leadership teams have an elite performance mindset.

We bring our extensive experience with C-Suite leaders and teams to develop enterprise mindsets in your senior leadership team. We enable your CEO and senior team to invent a sustainable future for the enterprise while delivering short term results.

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Research-driven results

Our founder, Dr. Ruth Wageman, wrote the book Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Great, which is based on a study of over 120 global senior leadership teams.

This study, alongside our wider research, enabled us to identify the 6 Team Conditions that have the biggest impact on team effectiveness. So you can rest assured that our methods are scientifically proven. 

Our framework

Benefits of Senior Leadership Team Development

The benefits of our Senior Leadership Team Development service aren’t just felt by the team itself, but by your entire organization. Here’s how:


Set your senior leadership team up for success

by implementing the 6 Conditions that account for up to 80% of a team's effectiveness.


Empower your CEO

to develop the key competencies for leading a superb team in the modern working world.


Get everybody on board

by providing them with a clear and compelling team purpose.


Develop your team's coaching skills

so that they can self-coach and sustain their performance for the long term.


Identify the key objectives

that are vital to your enterprise's success so your senior leadership team can have productive meetings.


Make ongoing improvements

by enabling your senior leadership team to build on their decision-making and communication skills over time.

Reimagining teams for:
American Express
Childrens Hospital of Philly
Institute of technology
TLI Group
Vera institute of justice

Reimagining your team starts with a conversation

Get in touch with our team effectiveness experts to discover how we can transform your senior leadership team.

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How we can help you

Are you ready for the new era of teamwork? Our products and services will transform how your teams address the challenges of the modern world and deliver brilliant performance.



Scalable team effectiveness solutions 

Integrate all our services to bring discipline and excellence to teamwork throughout your enterprise.

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Senior Leadership Teams

In-person & online Team Coaching

Transform your senior team and board from a group of brilliant individual leaders to a first-rate team.

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Team Leader Programs

Customised & Scalable On-line solutions

Take leadership development to the next level by bringing team leadership to your top, middle, and frontline leaders. 

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Team Coaching

In-person, Virtual, & Hybrid solutions

We coach your mission critical teams to excellence so they can catalyze the change your enterprise needs.

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Team Practitioner Certification

In-person, Virtual, & Hybrid solutions

Become a certified 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness practitioner and bring this powerful approach to your enterprise.

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Team Diagnostics col

Team Diagnostic Survey™

Online team survey suite

Measure the effectiveness of your
teams with our industry-leading team diagnostic tools.

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