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6 Team Conditions is the best-evidenced team model for generating superb team performance, based on decades of research with real-world teams by Drs. Ruth Wageman and Richard Hackman, and many more scholar-practitioners at Harvard, MIT, Yale, and other leading universities.

The Essentials

The Essentials are the fundamental building blocks of great teams:

Real team

Everyone knows who is on the team, exchanges information effectively, and works together long enough to accomplish something meaningful. 

Compelling purpose

Teams need a purpose that challenges them to use their best skills, connects to their values, and engages their aspirations.

Right people

An effective team consists of people who have the diverse range of knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to achieve the team’s purpose. 

The 3 Enablers

The Enablers accelerate a team’s development into a brilliant collaboration.

Sound structure

Teams should be as small as possible, focused on mission critical priorities, and collaborating using shared work practices. 

Supportive organizational context

The systems around the team - such as how they are rewarded, and the training and resources at their disposal – should enable teamwork.

Expert team coaching

Someone who has the experience and ability to support the team to improve their working practices should be available to them.

How it works

The Essentials

Firstly, we put the three Essentials in place - ensuring it is a real team with a clear purpose and the skills needed to do the work.

Then we breathe life into the team through three Enablers: sound structure, supportive context, and team coaching.

Group 706

We measure effort to establish if the team is operating in ways that build shared commitment.

We also review the task strategies deployed by the team and how well the team uses their knowledge and skills.

Group 707

Effective teams serve their stakeholders superbly, get better over time, and grow as team members.

Our research indicates that only 21% of leadership teams are highly effective, while 42% under-serve key stakeholders.

Teams that are well-designed around their core purpose, composition, work practices, and resources achieve excellence.

An actionable framework

The 6 Team Conditions framework provides a practical roadmap for anyone tasked with enabling team success.

By taking your team through the step-by-step process outlined above, our practitioners ensure that your team has everything they need to succeed. 

A science-based model

Our expert team coaches have studied thousands of teams around the world, in a wide range of industries, sectors, and cultures.   

Our research, which is published in top peer-reviewed journals, identified 6 Conditions that can be designed by team leaders and predict up to 80% of team effectiveness, a significant effect size in social science research. 

Real-world results

The 6 Conditions team model has guided the transformation of hundreds of C-suite "teams-in-name-only" into superbly aligned and effective leadership teams.

Companies from a wide range of industries - from technology and healthcare, to professional services and community organizing, have launched great teams using the 6 Team Conditions. 

Reimagining teams for:
American Express
Childrens Hospital of Philly
Institute of technology
TLI Group
Vera institute of justice

Reimagining your team starts with a conversation

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