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The 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness framework comes from decades of research by leading scholars and practitioners in the area of team effectiveness at Harvard, MIT, Yale, and other leading universities. They have studied the performance of thousands of global teams around the world to bring rigorous science to the question of how to foster superb teams.


of a team’s effectiveness is predicted by the 6 Team Conditions


teams in diverse global settings were studied to validate the 6 Team Conditions


teams already using the 6 Team Conditions globally

Peer-reviewed and published

Our team effectiveness framework, assessments, and practices are built on first-rate research that has been evaluated, stress-tested, and refined through review by our fellow scholars. 

Our flagship assessment, the Team Diagnostic Survey™ is the only commercially available team effectiveness measure that has made it through the rigorous peer review process.  


Respected research

In the 1980s, Dr. Richard Hackman switched the focus of the field of team effectiveness from endless laboratory demonstrations to identifying real-world circumstances that result in great team performance.   

The 6 Conditions framework that grew from his and Dr. Ruth Wageman's work has inspired hundreds of scholars, been translated into at least a dozen languages, and remains the primary model for evaluating team performance. 

Sustainable success

A great team is one that serves its stakeholders superbly - and, just as importantly, is a place where team members grow, learn, and feel supported going forward.  

No organization can afford to have teams that perform once and burn themselves out in the process.  The 6 Conditions show how to create an environment in which your teams can accomplish great things over the long term.

Actionable advice

The 6 Conditions speak to the needs of any kind of team.  They have been used to inform the design and leadership of countless collaborations, from cockpit crews and emergency surgical teams to orchestras and intelligence agents.  

The science is in the 6 Conditions.  And the art is in what we do to bring the 6 Conditions to life for any team in any context.

Reimagining teams for:
American Express
Childrens Hospital of Philly
Institute of technology
TLI Group
Vera institute of justice

Reimagining your team starts with a conversation

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