What are the 6 Conditions?

At 6 Team Conditions, we are dedicated to developing brilliant collaborations to catalyze change. Based on decades of research from Ruth Wageman and Richard Hackman of Harvard University, the 6 Team Conditions team certifies practitioners and uses their tools and techniques to enhance teamwork in order to achieve their goals.

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Team Diagnostic Survey

The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) can measure your team’s standing on the 6 Conditions.

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Get certified in using the 6 Conditions and TDS to diagnose, facilitate, and support teams.

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Learn how we can support you to pervade your organization with superb teams.

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What People Say!

The 6 Team Conditions framework serves as the foundation for my team coaching practice. I strongly recommend it for any coach that is serious about bringing to their practice decades of rigorous research combined with practical tools for making the highest leverage interventions that get teams moving on a positive trajectory quickly.

Gabe AbellaOrganizational Coach, JPMorgan Chase

The 6 Team Conditions have greatly helped us improve the effectiveness of our leadership teams at all levels. The framework is easy-to-understand and can be easily applied across a number of scenarios, cultures, and countries. The tool is valid, reliable, and based off years of research so we can trust the assessment. By pinpointing specific areas of focus, the assessment allows our teams to have meaningful conversations to help improve their performance. Our teams have enjoyed talking about the results and working together on action planning. Working with Dr. Wageman and her team has been most rewarding. I highly recommend the 6 Team Conditions assessment.

Jorrit van der TogtExecutive Vice President People Strategy, Organisational Development, and Learning, Shell

I was thoroughly impressed with both the Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Online learning can sometimes be challenging but I found that in Level 1, the depth of content allowed me to digest it easily and the distribution across the modules was intuitive. I appreciated Level 1 even more after I attended Level 2—while Level 1 gives a strong theoretical foundation in the model, including providing us practitioners with really useful soundbites about validity/reliability that help to generate buy-in from clients, Level 2 was a perfect way to build upon that foundation. The Level 2 was not a review of Level 1 at all—I was concerned it would be a re-hashing of Level 1. Instead, it was completely additive. It provided ample opportunities to apply the learning in real-time, to real cases. I was able to gain facility in describing the 6 Team Conditions Model and in walking clients through TDS reports. In addition, I learned numerous design options for gaining clients’ investment in taking real action based on the report results.

Internal OD Consultant, Healthcare Industry

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