Healthtech Startup Team Gets Stronger Through Interdependence


Wellinks is a healthtech startup focused on improving outcomes for people living with COPD. They recently raised $25M in Series C funding.


The executive team was assembled over time in partnership with VC investors. However, the team did not have prior relationships or experiences working together and some executives were new to their roles. As a result, the team was experiencing natural growing pains and tensions, and was uncertain how to address them directly.
The team was growing. How could they be intentional about building the executive leadership team and shaping the team’s culture while the company was evolving rapidly?

Action and Results

The team completed the TDFS process. During the debrief they identified a few key areas on which to focus their efforts.  They included (a) interdependence and getting clear on what it would mean for them to be a “real team” versus a team in name only and (b) figuring out clear norms and work practices. The team was encouraged by seeing both positive changes, as well as areas to continue working on.

The team continued to use TDFS success factors and their report as a reflection tool that sparked focused conversation on how the team can keep growing and improving. 

Less than 6 months later they completed the TDFS again, having added two additional members to the leadership team. Interdependence, Work Practices, and Satisfaction saw measurable improvement.

TDFS First Report

TDFS Time 1


TDFS Second Report

TDFS Time 2


“The TDFS process provoked thought and action. Specifically, working on our interdependence put us in a much better position to deliver on that strong sense of purpose.” - Wellinks Team Member


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