COVID-19 Support

We at 6 Team Conditions want to express our empathy and support for the struggles people are facing during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Our community is a global one, and we continue to stay connected with each other and share stories of struggle, tragedy, hope and compassion.

We also know that brilliant collaboration is both especially challenging and especially needed right now.  We would like to help.  Our global faculty are offering up to 1 hour pro bono coaching sessions with teams and team leaders who are directly addressing the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Three ways we can support teams right now.

  1. Fast Team Formation. Error rates in crisis care such as emergency rooms and surgical suites, are much higher when team members have never worked together before.  Across the country and around the world, frontline healthcare workers are scrambling in high-stress, unpredictable conditions, working closely together with colleagues from distant places, serving us under the most stressful possible conditions, including terrible risks to their own health and that of their loved ones.  We can help you to form and launch reliably excellent teams by teaching our research-based Fast Team Formation process.  It is a 10 minute briefing process that sets a team on a positive trajectory and takes a newly convened group to becoming a real team immediately.
    See our downloadable Fast Team Formation infographic below. Feel free to share this with your colleagues and network as helpful.Fast Team Formation Infographics
  2. Team Resilience. People are challenged by so many aspects of the pandemic, from newly difficult needs to attend to both work and family, fear for their loved ones and their own health, economic and personal loss.  Our faculty can help hold a space for people to check in, take stock, and develop practices that enable adaptiveness and learning even in the face of external threats.
  3. Effective Practices for Leaders leading virtual teams. Many leaders are leading their teams entirely virtually for the first time.  What are some reliably effective practices for setting up a team for success?  There is a plethora of advice out there right now about how to work virtually.  Our faculty can help you, in your own context, develop your own team leadership practices that set you and your team up for effectiveness and learning.

If you and your team are addressing the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic and want support from our faculty, please fill out this short intake form and reach out to us for help.

Stay safe, all