by Pauline Willis on

Have you done 6 impossible things this morning? No. Then perhaps you might take a little inspiration from Elon Musk, whose latest mission is to take a million people to Mars, in a drive to colonising the red planet to save humankind. If he succeeds then this will make us all very happy indeed!

Musk is clearly a Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy fan, given that when he recently catapulted a Tesla Roadster into space he did so with a towel and a copy of this landmark comic epic stashed in the glove compartment. Ok, so that is not six and also not this morning, which suggests that none of us will be dining out at the ‘restaurant at the end of the universe’ after we finish work today.

Unlike the criteria for booking a table at Milliways, it is possible to put in place the 6 conditions framework for team success without engaging your infinite improbability drive. With these 6 conditions,  if you do put at least three of these [essentials] in place before launching teams then you will also be significantly more likely to achieve success than if you don’t.  Even more importantly, if you drive in the other 3 [enablers] then you have just added a jet booster for mission success.  And, to add another dimension that is often neglected in the inexorable drive for better performance and higher profits, this framework was developed by psychologists who care about the human element as well as business success.  So, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you will be nurturing the well-being of each team member as well as setting them up to work together even more effectively next time they collaborate on a project.

Interested in finding out how you can use the 6 conditions framework to create successful teams whilst delivering on your responsibility to the mental health & well-being of your people?  Certification to use the 6 Conditions framework is available for team leaders as well as business consultants and HR partners. If you are ready to harness team success for your cause or organisation we have online, face-to-face workshops and tailored one-to-one learning to suit your needs.