Fitness innovation and accessible wellness startup acquired by private equity firm for $100M


An innovative startup in the fitness and accessible wellness space that helps people create and maintain healthy habits by providing innovative, effective, and accessible fitness solutions sought funding to support its rapid growth.


As part of the due diligence process, a notable private equity firm utilized the TDFS with interviews to assess the effectiveness of startup’s leadership team and to identify areas for development in the event of an investment.

Action and Results

Team Assessment Process: 

✔ Team completed the TDFS

✔ 1-to-1 Interviews conducted with each team member

✔ Interview findings and team assessment analyzed

✔ TDFS Report + Recommendations

1 Hour Debrief with Team

✔ 1 Hour Debrief with PE/VC Firm

A controlling stake in the company valued at approximately $100 million was purchased by the private equity in order to grow the rapidly expanding business. The results of the TDFS + Interviews were used as one component in the multi-pronged due diligence process to support the investment decision. The team utilized the findings from the report for both CEO as well as team coaching sessions to accelerate the team’s development.

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