Private Equity firm accelerates effectiveness of 13 top teams in investment portfolio


A Connecticut-based private equity firm helps transform growing companies through hard work, partnerships grounded in shared values, and a unique culture that comes from hands-on experience building and running small businesses. Supporting the success of the business following investment is accomplished through a number of strategies including developing the the top team.

Action and Results

The PE firm invested in the development of all the top teams (13 teams, 137 team members) in their portfolio as well as their own team utilizing the Team Diagnostic Survey + interviews and feedback sessions for each CEO and their top team. Following each firm’s own customized Team Diagnostic Survey feedback process, the 13 CEOs across the portfolio met in person for a half day to explore insights from the exercise.

Team Assessment Process

✔ 13 teams were assessed using online surveys + interviews

✔ Individual psychometric was deployed for 137 leaders

✔ 1-to-1 feedback session with the CEO

✔ 90 minute team debriefing session with each senior team

✔ ½ day in-person retreat with CEO’s

The Assessment + Interviews + Feedback sessions highlighted a range of actionable insights for the leadership teams including:

  • The level of interdependence amongst the team required to run and/or transform the business
  • Identifying 1 or 2 mission critical challenges worthy of and requiring the senior leadership team’s collective effort
  • Helping shift the team members from siloed to a more pronounced enterprise perspective and sense of ownership
  • Helping CEO’s shift from coaching individual members of the team to coaching the team as a whole
  • Leveraging the talent on the senior leadership team in more creative ways
  • Common language and framework for understanding what drives team effectiveness


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