Join the community of consultants, coaches, learning and development practitioners, and team leaders who are using the 6 Team Conditions to foster brilliant collaborations in their teams. Getting certified provides you access to knowledge, tools, and a global community of supportive practitioners. Certification includes:

  • 6 Foundational Video-Based Learning Modules (50+ videos)
  • 1 Starter TDS Assessment
  • TDS Account for Administering Surveys
  • Monthly Community of Practice Peer Consultation Calls
  • Members-only LinkedIn Community Group
Level 1
Foundational Certification

This self-guided online course provides the basic knowledge required to incorporate the 6 Conditions and Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) into your practice or organization. The Foundational Certification teaches the 6 Conditions Framework, how the TDS measures the 6 conditions, how to interpret TDS reports and how to incorporate a TDS diagnosis into your work with teams.

Level 2
Advanced Certification
(Includes Level 1)

This two-day in-person workshop brings together skilled practitioners to see and experience team interventions that get the 6 Conditions in place for any kind of team. The Advanced Certification course puts participants in the role of team coach or consultant in real time. You will sharpen your approaches to processing TDS feedback with leaders and teams. You will experience and practice working with teams to build the Essentials and the Enablers. The course supports participants in developing excellent timing, powerful sequencing, and reliably high-leverage team interventions. Enrolling in the Advanced Practitioner Certification includes access to the online Foundational Certification.

Level 3
Master Certification

The Level 3 Master Certification is for advanced practitioners who have used the Team Diagnostic Survey with at least 5 teams. Level 3 focuses on ongoing coaching of well designed and launched teams. If you are interested in learning more about Level 3 and being considered, please fill out this form below. Applicants are considered on a rolling basis and based on diversity of experience, industry, and background for an enhanced learning experience.