MBA and Executive Programs

Developing Team Leadership

We offer 90-minute, three-hour, half-day, and full-day sessions for classes up to 100 participants. Sessions focus on helping leaders explore the 6 Conditions Framework and apply it to teams they care about; participants practice design thinking to formulate and launch (or relaunch) great teams.

Assessing Students Own Teams

Participants and their teams (either teams in their “home” organization or a team within the program) complete the Team Diagnostic Survey and explore the data for significant challenges and strengths of their teams, and develop action plans to lead and coach their teams toward brilliant collaboration.

Coaching and Peer Consultation

We train coaches who work with the participants to interpret the TDS and to understand their teams’ standing on the 6 Conditions. We also create guided peer consultations between participants in leadership programs to support each other in developing brilliant teams.