Episode #014: Fostering a Team of Teams: An Enterprise Approach to Leadership and Culture Transformation | Special Guest: Carissa Bub

This episode is the next installment in a series featuring the perspectives of certified practitioners as well as enterprise clients who have applied the 6 Team Conditions framework and Team Diagnostic Survey with real world teams.  Carissa Bub joins Ruth Wageman and Krister Lowe for an examination of an applied case involving leadership and culture change through a team of teams approach.  Carissa Bub is an Executive Team Coach and also a Leadership and Communications expert. Her coaching practice is built on 20 years guiding leaders from the boardroom to the factory floor to transform how they lead, communicate and catalyse meaningful change. Her expertise is coaching Chief Executives and senior leadership teams to boldly engage all stakeholders; and developing resilient teams. Learn more about Carissa at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carissabub/

Some themes covered in the episode include:

  1. The social-organizational context for teams

  2. From conflict management → organizational transformation → culture change in team coaching

  3. Focusing on relationship dynamics and design and structure in teams

  4. Case Example: Leadership & Culture Change

  5. From learning teams → project teams

  6. Creating an enabling environment for team of teams

  7. Next generation leadership development

  8. Team leadership development

  9. Adult development in teams

  10. Mutually reinforcing nature of task performance, group process, and member satisfaction