Episode #001: The Launch | 6 Team Conditions

by Dr. Krister Lowe | Dr. Ruth Wageman on


It is nearly 60 years since McGrath* advanced a framework for studying team effectiveness! Consequently, there is a bewildering array of team effectiveness models, variables, frameworks, and advice out there about how to build a high-performance team.

In this 6TC podcast episode, we share the science behind the 6 Team Conditions framework. The 6 Team conditions framework for team effectiveness is grounded in research undertaken at Harvard, Yale, MIT by scholars Drs. Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman, and others. An introduction to each of the 6 conditions poses thoughtful questions and reflections for team leaders:

  1. Are we a team in name only?

    Condition 1: Real Team

  2. Do all of the team members have a clear understanding of the team purpose?

    Condition 2: Compelling Purpose

  3. Have we figured out ways to share the range of perspectives on the team?

    Condition 3: Right People

  4. Are we clear on team roles, norms and our processes for getting the work done?

    Condition 4: Sound Structure

  5. Does the organization provide the appropriate information and material resources needed on the team?

    Condition 5: Supportive Context

  6. Who is providing expert team coaching to meet the specific needs of the team?

    Condition 6: Team Coaching

By focusing on building the 6 Conditions, leaders have a roadmap for creating and sustaining high-performing teams. This framework is rigorously tested, validated and reliable. Unlike other models out there, this team effectiveness model emphasizes the importance of achieving team results, team growth, and team member well being whilst clearly signposting what the team leader and team needs to do to support excellent team dynamics and measurable team success.

This episode shares the science of team effectiveness, and invites leaders to think about the team leadership needed to breathe life into their teams, and reflect on their own leadership practices and team leadership development.