Episode #15: Organizational Agility & The 6 Conditions | Special Guests: Gabe Abella & Adam Hsu

by Dr. Krister Lowe | Dr. Ruth Wageman | Gabe Abella | Adam Hsu on


This episode is the next installment in a series featuring the perspectives of certified practitioners as well as enterprise clients who have applied the 6 Team Conditions framework and Team Diagnostic Survey with real world teams. 

Gabe Abella & Adam Hsu join Ruth Wageman and Krister Lowe for an exploration of using the 6 Conditions Framework and Team Diagnostic Survey to foster organizational agility. Gabe Abella is an Organizational coach at JP Morgan Chase focused on enabling organizational agility at enterprise scale by leading, coaching, and teaching.   Learn more about Gabe: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabeabella/. Adam Hsu is an Accredited Kanban Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker as well as an Organizational Coach in Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase focused on enabling organizational and business agility at every level of the organization. Learn more about Adam: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamhsuakt/. Some themes covered in the episode include:

  1. Overcoming systemic effects of enterprises to foster organizational agility
  2. Working with nested systems of teams, teams of teams
  3. The journey from individual contributor to organizational agility coach
  4. The acceptance of uncertainty
  5. Inspecting, adapting, experimenting
  6. Practical examples illustrating how to use the 6 Conditions to foster organizational agility
  7. How changing structure can quickly change deep seated behaviors
  8. Using the Team Diagnostic Survey during leader transitions and team relaunches
  9.  Why you can’t coach a badly designed team to greatness
  10. Forming self-designing teams
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