The Team Coaching Casebook

Melissa J Sayer & Colm Murphy

Sayer, M. J., & Murphy, C. (2021). Foundations to sustainability: A leadership team coaching case study. The Team Coaching Casebook, 23.

Teams are a crucial part of working life, and they can also be a source of challenges, frustrations and opportunities. This industry first book explores the breadth of approaches available throughout a team coaching engagement narrated through case studies and editorial commentary. It illustrates the eclectic and emergent nature of interventions that enable teams to achieve lasting positive changes in capability.

Drawing together 23 cases from multiple theoretical perspectives and industries from team coaching practitioners from across the globe, this book:

Includes the experiences, insights and learning of team leaders and team members as well as the team coaches with quotes and data from each engagement
Offers insight into the original need for the team coaching in each case study
Explores how the team relates to itself, its stakeholders and the wider system
Explains how the team coach or coaches engaged with the team detailing the specific practices the team coach used and the outcomes achieved

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