Team Leadership that Works

Designing, Launching & Coaching Great Teams

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen your ability to design a team well in the first place and to be sure your team has all the leadership it will need
  • Demonstrate how to launch a team well and equip you with the tools you need to get your team on a positive path right from the start
  • Help you map a simple, effective practice for the ongoing coaching of your teams

Key Features

  • Bring the science of the 6 Team Conditions framework for leading teams in a practical way
  • Provide a toolkit for designing, launching and coaching your team
  • Generate a customized action plan that you can utilize immediately with your team
  • Help you assess your team’s current level of effectiveness

Industry Leader

Validated Team Effectiveness Framework and Assessment

  • Immediate application to your team in your context
  • Based on 20+ years of research on thousands of teams across diverse industries in 50+ countries
  • The 6 Conditions predict up to 80% of team effectiveness and that you can put in place for your teams
  • Applicable to any team you lead now or in the future
  • Effective with new or pre-existing teams that perform many kinds of work including teams that lead, learn, advise, execute

This course will allow you to:

  • Increase Team Productivity - addressing wheel spinning and team conflict
  • Be More Adaptive - do more with fewer resources
  • Establish a Positive Team Culture - increase retention and adapt in organizational restructuring
  • Adopt an Existing Team - step in to an existing team as a new leader

About the course with globally recognized thought-leader, Dr. Ruth Wageman

Assess Your Team

  • Short formal assessment of a team’s standing on the 6 Conditions

  • Well-validated, well-researched, and peer reviewed instrument

  • Based on survey responses of all team members

  • Takes only about 10 minutes to complete

  • Provides a focused report about your team’s design, your leadership practices, and how those help or hinder the team’s effectiveness

  • You can use it before you go through Modules 2-4 to help you see where the team is already strong or needs work

  • You also can use it after you complete your team Design and Team Launch plans and conduct a team re-launch as an assessment of the team’s progress and where it needs additional attention