Episode #011: Leadership & Authority Structures In Teams: Where Does Great Team Leadership Come From?

Key Questions: Where does great team leadership come from? What kinds of things should team leaders do and what things are better for the team to do?

In this episode Ruth & Krister explore:Where does great team leadership come from?

  1.  Leadership as a “function” of a team
  2.  Team leaders as coaches
  3.  Four Critical Leadership Functions in Teams: 1) Executing the team task; 2) Monitoring and managing work processes; 3) Designing the team and member roles; 4) Setting overall direction
  4.  Authority Matrix – 4 Authority Structures: 1) Manager-Led; 2) Self-Managing; 3) Self-Designing; 4) Self-Governing
  5.  Distributing authority in teams
  6.  Surfacing authority dynamics in teams
  7.  When leadership most matters in teams: putting in place the 6 Conditions
  8.  Team leadership norms
  9.  Supplemental measures around leadership and authority structures in Team Diagnostic Survey reports
  10.  Supporting and developing team leaders