Episode #016: Team Leadership & Team Effectiveness in a Covid19 Respiration Clinic | Special Guest: Janice John, Cambridge Health Alliance

This episode continues a series focusing on practitioner, organizational and team leader perspectives on applying the 6 Team Conditions framework and Team Diagnostic Survey in real world settings.  In this episode show hosts Ruth Wageman and Krister Lowe interview Janice John–MHCDS, MHS, PA-C, Medical Director at Cambridge Health Alliance–on her experiences standing up a Covid19 Respiration Unit.

In her current role as Medical Director Janice built and led a team of 15 clinicians to create an outpatient clinic to care for patients at high risk for and from COVID-19 in Middlesex County MA, and become a model of excellence and learning for outpatient COVID-19 care. Janice and her team created clinical guidelines used by many health systems, including the development of the UpToDate chapter for outpatient adult care for COVID-19. The team’s core focus has been to increase access to communities impacted by systemic racism, build trust and decrease stigma. Learn more about Janice: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janice-john-mhcds-mhs-pa-c-8b854663/

Some themes explored in the episode include:

  • Rapid team formation
  • Starting small, prototyping and scaling
  • Purpose and urgency in teams
  • Pausing and relaunching teams to foster sustainability
  • Team coaching in weekly :45 minute sessions
  • Technical expertise and team leadership
  • Importance of spaces for reflection in action
  • Team cadences and rhythms
  • Complexity and emergent learning and performance
  • Challenges and insights as a team leader
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Grappling with structural racism